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Accelerator -

Stimulator -

Cooling -

Bronzer -

Exfoliator -

Ultrasine -

Aloe Vera Gel -

Australian Tea -
Tree Oil   

Pepperment Oil -

Tyrosines -

Vitamin C -

Vitamin E -

Walnut Oil -

Sweet Violet -

any of the amino acid tyrosine family, concentrated to improve and intensify your bodies natural ability to tan.

improves micro-circulation, and imparts a reddening/heating sensation.

a refreshing effect felt on the skin’s surface due to the
natural cooling and soothing ingredients.

natural sugar cane derivative dihydroxyacetone (DHA) proven since the 1960’s as the most effective skin darkening agent.

any removal of dead skin cells from the top layer by either
abrasives (salt) or natural botanicals (Sweet Violet Extract).

a dynamic accelerating Complex of soy extract, tyrosine's and aloe vera gel. The soy extract's natural beauty benefits allow for a visible improvement in the clarity and texture of the skin. This new moisture rich formula will leave your skin feeling refreshed with no tightness or dryness, translating into an incredible long lasting dark tan.

natures most precious, healing and soothing extract for
exceptional skin hydration.

this miracle oil promotes natural cooling, soothing and intense
moisturization, which leaves your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

a refreshing plant extract that naturally cools and soothes
your skin during the tanning.

help stimulate melanin production, promoting accelerated,
dark tanning results. (oleoyl, acetyl and L-tyrosine)

an antioxidant that fights against free radical damage and
assists in the creation of collagen for younger looking skin.

promotes vibrant, healthy, younger looking skin by protecting
it from free radicals and oxidation.

reacts with keratin in the skin, enhancing UV absorption to create natural bronzing for an instant native tan.

natural botanical exfoliant, removes dead skin cells keeping the skin receptive to UV light