New! Magic Tan Towel

The possibilities are endless with this incredible, moisture rich tan enhancing towel. This state of the art application system allows Magic Tan to go on fast and easy. Achieve an even dark tan with all the benefits of a tan enhancing moisturizer. Kava Kava’s expandable micro-fiber polyester towel stretches to an amazing 42 inches - Those “hard to reach” areas are no longer a problem with Magic Tan.

1.2 fl. oz. (36 ml)

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Magic Tan

Feel the moist lotion already in the towel.

Unfold the towel and easily apply.

See how quickly the towel covers large areas.

Towel stretches so you can even reach behind you.

New! Magic Tan
Dark Tanning Potion

This Dark Tanning Potion is loaded with super strength tanning accelerators, vitamin rich moisture and instant dark bronzers.

8 fl. oz. (236 ml)